Concert Masters

Danielle Traber Steinauer
Danielle was born in Switzerland and has been playing violin since childhood. The Hungarian, Robert Virovai who was her third teacher, insisted on her entering the Conservatory of Music, but Danielle had other plans. She became a nurse but continued to play violin.

She first played in the “Mediziner Orchestra” in Bern Switzerland for a decade. In 1996 she moved to South Africa with her family. There she played in the “Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra” for 5 years as a deputy principal and later joined the “Randburg Symphony Orchestra” for 2 years under Bernard Wozny. Danielle joined SSSO in February 2011 and subsequently took over the concert master position.

Ronniet Orlando
Dutch born Ronniet grew up in Melbourne where she studied the violin with Nathan Gutman as well as studying and working as an occupational therapist. Moving to Perth in her early twenties, she raised a family in the Perth hills. In 2005 Ronniet graduated from WAAPA and went on to study psychology. Currently she is working on her PhD in the area of music psychology whilst continuing to teach the violin and play world music, chamber music and other forms of classical music and jazz, tend her roses and vegie garden, and embarrass her three adult children.

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